Shrivara Mahalakshmi Vratha

Traditionally, our customs dictate us to perform various rituals during specific months. Shrivara Mahalakshmi Vratha and Shri Siddhivinayaka Vratha are two such popular rituals performed during the Shravana maasa and Bhadrapada Maasa respectively. Shrivara Mahalakshmi vratha is perfomed mostly in southern part of India, while Shri Siddhivinayaka Vratha is performed all over the country.

Two attributes play a major role for continuing these rituals as was performed by our elders in the family. One - Knowledge about the ritual; Two - Firm belief. Without the right knowledge, the belief may not last too long.

Through these audio CDs, Tara Prakashana is attempting to bring out both - "Why" and "How" of these popular rituals. Other beneficiaries of these audio CDs include Indians residing outside the country. While these people have a strong desire to perform well, they may not have right instructions & facilities. Our audio CDs will give step by step instructions with the associated mantras. Shrivara Mahalakshmi Vratha is narrated by Shri Raghavendrachar.

It's our intention to bring out audio CDs for all popular & traditional festivals.