What is this publication about?

Renowned philosophers have an interesting way to spread knowledge to yearning spiritual aspirants. In general, words convey just contextual and limited meanings. They mean differently to different people based upon their previous experiences.
Having known these limitations, the words of spiritual Masters are short, as more words lead to more confusion. Deep thinking with calm contemplation is the only way to get to the valuable Pearls hidden in the words. These short sentences are popularly known as "Quotes".

Achaarya Madhva - The 13th century proponent of TatvaVaada philosophy authored quotes, extracted from the works of Sage - Shri Vedavyasa. These very rare quotes in Sanskrit were translated to Kannada by Shri Bannanje Govindacharya. Dr. Mukund, with an objective of spreading this to a large audience across and outside India, translated the quotes to English. It has become popular amongst many institutions.

Books sponsored by interested people have been distributed to hospitals, schools and colleges.

Quotes excerpt from the book

God was the very first Rishi who conceived all the Vedas.
The wise ones are icons of God that walk around
Narayana is the one who is worshipped in all the Vedas
One who is blessed by Shri Hari is blessed by all other divine entities
True enlightenment is possible through effort in many lives
If good people accidentally make a mistake, one should not gossip about it
Nothing comes close to a Guru's blessing as a path to betterment