The foremost objective of Tara Prakashana is to preserve knowledge in its original form. Only then we can disseminate them to the needy. Knowledge texts exist in various languages & forms. The most ancient media amongst them are "Palm Leaves". Original texts are extremely significant due to the fact that, one syllable / letter interpreted wrongly can give a completely different meaning. Any media that can be adopted to preserve the original text has to last for many hundred years to come by. This will be the best gift for the generation of scholars and students to come.

Palm leaf Digitisation Project

Digitization of ancient palm leaves is being done by disabled people employed by Tara Prakashana. Palmleaf manuscripts which are more than 500 years old are being scanned and image processing is carried out. The images are then stored in various storage devices like Archival DVD's and WaferFiche.


Holy Basil(Tulasi Rasaa) is applied to each palm leaf before scanning. This has multiple benefits:
* Tulasi will improve the scan quality
* Tulasi prevents infections of insects which cut/eat the palm leaves
* The original palm leaf will be protected for more number of years.
* Some organisations use different kind of oils like Lemon grass oil etc on the palm leaves in order to
   protect them, but this is not helpful in the long run. If oil is applied the palm leaves have to be dried thoroughly
   and kept under air condition at low temperature. We have seen the "oil treated" palm leaves
   sticking together so firmly that the whole bundle was rendered useless. We cannot afford to lose
   knowledge in such a manner.    The quickest and the best method to preserve them is Tulasi Rasaa.

* The palm leaf is then scanned and image processed. If the palm leaf is more then 20 inches in length,
   multiple images are captured and then sticthed using a software.
* The processed images are then stored in Gold plated DVD's/Nanoark WaferFiche® and on NanoArk's simple
   and powerful image mgmt application called Almirah software which has been customised to store
   the palm leaf images along with its metadata, all at one place. Metadata like Source, Number of pages,
   Author, Scribe, Language, Condition etc are indexed.
   The Almirah software also helps to search for palm leaves and metadata and rapidly return results.
   This feature is extremely helpful to scholars who want to lookup a particular palm leaf.