• God was the very first Rishi who conceived all the Vedas - Acharya Madhva
  • The wise ones are icons of God that walk around - Acharya Madhva
  • Narayana is the one who is worshipped in all the Vedas - Acharya Madhva
  • One who is blessed by Shri Hari is blessed by all other divine entities - Acharya Madhva
  • True enlightenment is possible through effort in many lives - Acharya Madhva
  • The universe is entwined with God. Hence He is Aum - Acharya Madhva
  • God gives wisdom to the ignorant, and salvation to the wise - Acharya Madhva
  • Narayana is the only refuge of all human and divine beings - Acharya Madhva
  • If good people accidentally make a mistake, one should not gossip about it - Acharya Madhva
  • Nothing comes close to a Guru's blessing as a path to betterment - Acharya Madhva
  • Shun those who have incorrect knowledge of God - Acharya Madhva
  • Kali-yuga has an effect of occasionally distorting the minds of even good people - Acharya Madhva
  • Chanting the name of Shri Hari can erase sin;only if done with devotion - Acharya Madhva
  • I am not the doer of my actions, but Shri Hari is. All my actions are His worship - Acharya Madhva
  • Brahma means God. Denying his existence is Brahmahatya - Acharya Madhva
  • This body is God's chariot - Acharya Madhva
  • Without effort, a mind will never become steadfast on its' own - Acharya Madhva

Bannanje - A Rishi Revealed

Insightful people are not many. When the unexplored dimensions of an object or a person are revealed by few such insightful people, they can be life changers. Who has not heard of Padmashri Dr. Bannanje Govindacharya, the renowned Vedic scholar! People across the world have got transformed from a mundane towards a purposeful life listening to his discourses over the last many decades. "Bannanje:A Rishi Revealed" authored by Dr. P.R. Mukund, was released recently. Insightful connections can push the reader to the edge of the chair, overjoyed at the end that we are living in an age of a "Walking Sage".

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The Decatrait Approach to Success

The DecaTrait (the author's new contribution to English vocabulary) is actually not a new concept, but a paraphrasing of the ten traits that Shri Vaayu Devaru is said to possess, that guarantees success in all endeavors. Dr. Mukund, maps these to colloquial language, and offers real life examples, based on his professional experience.
The book has received very positive reviews from leaders in different arenas, both in USA and India.

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Ramayana Short Stories

Many a times, epics such as "Ramayana" are read only from a historical perspective. They will then remain as just epic stories to be narrated to children. Spirituality hidden in the insights is lost. Hence, we need to depend upon great thinkers who will extract these insights and take us towards the intended spiritual message.
Shri Bannanje Govindacharya, the renowned Philosopher of our times, has personally selected five such short stories in Ramayana that changed the complete line of events in a strange manner.

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Pearls Of Bliss

Achaarya Madhva - The 13th century proponent of TatvaVaada philosophy authored quotes, extracted from the works of Sage - Shri Vedavyasa. These very rare quotes in Sanskrit were translated to Kannada by Shri Bannanje Govindacharya.
Dr. Mukund, with an objective of spreading this to a large audience across and outside India, translated the quotes to English. It has become popular amongst many institutions. Books sponsored by interested people have been distributed to hospitals, schools and colleges.

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Sangraha Ramayana

Shri Narayana Pandithacharya has authored important and rare works in Sanskrit and was a contemporary of Shri Achaarya Madhva.
He was the son of Shri Trivikrama Panditacharya, a direct disciple of Shri Achaarya Madhva. His epic work Madhwavijaya details amazing insights into the life and philosophy of Shri Achaarya Madhva.

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