How can I participate?

Tara Prakashana is a not-for-profit trust. Activities listed here are only a few and what is BEING DONE now is only a little DROP in an OCEAN of activities yet to be done.

Arrange Science and spirituality workshops at various places in India
Contribute towards "The India Centre" - A state of the art center for preservation of manuscripts
If interested, sign up for weekly discources(pravachanas) by Dr P.R.Mukund
Share information about our foundation with your friends.

Donations made to Tara Prakashana will be eligible for Tax relief under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Long way ahead...

There are innumerable important works on palm-leaves that need to be preserved. Several of these are in various states of degradation, and even those in 'readable' conditions may degrade over the years. It is Tara Prakashana's endeavor to attempt to preserve various such works for posterity.