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  1. Anupama says:

    It would be a very understated declaration to say that Rishi Revealed is a “good read”. This book goes beyond the normal convention of a good or bad book and opens up a completely new world to the reader.
    It is humbling to hear of all that this great man, “Shri BG”, has to offer as well as all he has selflessly done for society. The author shares many truths about Shri BG and allows the reader to feel more connected to the Rishi and inspired to learn more about our philosophy.
    From its attractive design to its vast content, those who have had the opportunity to read A Rishi Revealed will agree that it is a blessing to have such a book in our presence, a constant reminder of those greater than us.

  2. Deepak Katte says:

    Fantastic read to view glimpses of a great modern day Rishi and a living encyclopedia of Vedic Treasures…

    I got my copies of book couple of evenings ago from AMAZON & I finished reading the book end to end the night itself.

    Shri Mukund has diligently put together, like a bee collecting nectar from various flowers and storing it one place, a lot of personal info about Poojya Shri Acharyaru that many of us may not know… of course all of these come with a vedic twist and more…Poojya Shri Acharyaru may have himself revealed some of them on several different occasion over the years, if one were to have followed closely.

    All in all, a wonderful book that gives a glimpse of who the real poojya Shri BG is, since many have a tendency to misunderstand him looking at his “goatee” or for his not wearing “madi” cloths while giving pravachana’s, or for his elequoent and direct interpretion of Shrimad’s works without help of any Bhashyas or Teekas etc… of course, if one were to dig deeper, one would understand the breadth and depth of his knowledge and in the process can get a glimpse of the pronounced blessings of Shri Vyasa Devaru and Shrimad Acharyaru bestowed on him.

    The title of the book in very apt to the personality of poojya Shri BG…Like many others, I would consider myself very blessed that I had the privilege of listening to “Shrimad Acharyara words” through Shri BG’s voice, as if he is a mouth piece (which he undoubtedly is in my opinion)

    This is a must read book for those of you who respect and believe in Shri BG to be a messenger of Shrimad Acharya Madhwa’s CORRECT teachings/interpretations…

    With salutations to poojya Shri Acharyaru, and through him, to his antaryami Hari Vayu Gurugalu…




  4. Nani says:

    Received the book (a couple of days ago (I was out of station)) and am blessed. Thanks a million for everything.
    God bless all the souls involved in the making of the book. Do let me know if I can be of any service to you in the future.
    -Narayana J

  5. Anand says:

    Bridges the personal and spiritual in a single swoop!
    A wonderful book that adeptly bridges the personal and the spiritual in a single swoop! It is so much more than a personal biography. Hidden within it are so many spiritual gems that might impact the reader, years after the first glance. As an example, I was transfixed by a statement in the preface for an hour before I could move on!
    The directness of literary style combined with the subtle undercurrent of spirituality; make this an easy and deep read at the same time. Who would have thought that it is possible to achieve both simultaneously? A great book to make part of ones’ library, which will provide insight and joy for years to come.

  6. Kavitha says:

    In the India we see today, with its bustling streets, high-tech industries and far too many Western influences, the last thing we notice is a true Rishi humbly walking through all the commotion…
    But he is…
    When we think of a Rishi… a true scholar of the Vedas… we may think of a figure, far off in the distance, sitting at the foothills of some mountains, deep in concentration. We think of him as an image from a book or a movie, a character in a story told to us by our parents, or most often, just a figment of our imagination. We do not realize that the man quietly sitting in a large hall, wearing a button-up shirt, can have the purest of knowledge from the Vedas flowing through his being…
    But he does…
    Who is this man? And how can we know him, even if just for a second?
    His name is Shri Bannanje Govindacharya, often simply referred to as “Acharyaru” or “Teacher” and in this age of ignorance and self-obsession, by the Grace of God, he has been placed among us as a true Rishi of our times. In the new book, Bannanje: A Rishi Revealed, released in the Summer of 2013, we are given a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse into the life of Shri Bannanje Govindacharya. Referred to as “Shri BG” throughout the book, the author presents us with moments from Shri BG’s life, from his childhood, through his adolescence and adulthood, to the man that he is today.
    This small book is much more than an autobiography of Shri BG, it is testament to the glory of India’s rich past. It is evidence that the pure knowledge encompassed in the Vedas exists, and that if we are blessed to understand even the tiniest fraction of it, that we may be able to.

    The book is an offering from a Shishya, or “student” to his Guru or “teacher”, and ultimately it is an offering to Lord Krishna. It is a wonderful and inspiring read, and highly recommended to everyone.

    • Mahendra Ambarish Rao says:

      The day this book was released…it was heavily raining… if some of the devatha’s came to this earth to know from Acharyaru’s own words….I had personally attended this programme which held in Bengaluru last month…..What ever Mukund has written I could hear the depth of spiritual experieces directly from Acharya Bannanje…..On the same day….I was waiting for quite some time to catch the real glimpses of Acharyaru’s own Experience…from his own words….., The Author Dr Mukund P.R. has rightly named the book as “Bannanje A Rishi Revealed”…..Thanks to Mukund he has really revealed the Acharyaru’s spiritual experiences & he has not only revealed what Bannanje is but also for the outside world….he has showed that Bannanje is a True Messanger of Acharya Madhva…..Thanks to Dr Mukund for such a wonderful spiritual gift he has given to this world and let the Madhva Siddantha Prevail all over the world Through Bannanje Gurugalu & Dr Mukund..One last word….This is Truly Bannanje Vijaya….Shri Madhva Vijaya has written by Narayana Pandithacharyaru….But Bannanje Vijaya has written by Dr PR Mukund.

  7. Seema says:

    It is a blessing to have this book .thank you for the wonderful book about Acharyaru.
    Maybe someday I will be fortunate and learn a thing or two from this book.

  8. PADMANABH RAO says:

    DEar Sir,
    After going through this monograph on our Guru Dr Padmashri Bannanje Govindacharya, I was much delighted. Dr Mukund takes us on a spiritual journey with Acharya BG. At Manipal, I had the opportunity to discuss with Sri BG on several issues, regarding Dvaita thought of Madhva. His explanations were covincing to the core, without an air of pseudo scholarship which I had seen till I met him. It is a commendable task of Dr Mukund, in delineating on this Acharya of our times. The chapter : Healing Touch is highly interesting.
    Facts about Tarka Kesari Padumannuru Narayanacharya, are amazing.

  9. Mukund Katte says:

    For someone who was more than eagerly awaiting for this book release ever since the word got out about it, getting the book itself was an euphoric moment.
    They say we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in this case that’s what I actually did ! Just flicking through the first few pages and the neat graphics invited me to dive deeper into the book with intrigue, promising and portraying a sense of wonder that would set upon the reader once he or she completes it. After all this book is about Dr Bannanje Govindacharya, a revered and household name in many Madhwa families, a pioneer in his own right and might, a path finder for thousands of lost and shackled folks, and as someone said recently, in this age like a gigantic wireless tower that enables us to connect to people, events and places far flung and unknown, unseen and yet essential to daily functioning. What use is a fancy gadget without a network !

    Dr Mukund’s wealth of spiritual knowledge is to be seen in each of the chapters that follow, subtle gems that one can miss if not read carefully, pages and lines that one could probably bookmark and highlight to contemplate upon later. What was that again about a Guru you would ask yourself and go back and read the chapter on it, for it would take a lot of time to understand it and yet you understand only what you are capable of. I found myself echoing some of his thoughts as regards the delight and joy that sets upon someone who listens to Shri Acharyaru’s discourses and the aura that it creates. Shri Acharyaru’s usual starting lines of ” Nanna Adhyathma Bandhugale… ” resonates in one’s ears while we read the book and an accompanying sense of humility sets in when he seems to tell us that we too can experience divine things with the right knowledge !

    The book also offers rare insights into Shri Acharyaru’s spiritual prowess and many wonderful reinforcements of how his and the author’s own unshakable faith in the higher forces stood them in good stead and makes us really think about our own faiths that we think we have. The chapter on healing requires a deep dive and has us fervently hoping that each of us too find a right Guru to take us forward, unworthy as we may be. Other chapters can cause the inadvertent outpouring of joy that accompanies when one ‘stumbles’ upon something profound ! Each chapter stands out in its own way, and yet all of it gels together to convey a complete picture of a divine person bestowed upon us to discover a spiritual purpose in life. It also leaves one wishing that many more such books are released in the future.

    As another review says, this book also de-mystifies what a Rishi can also be about, contrary to what we learnt while growing up about such mystic men. Who better than Dr Mukund, a Shishya of Shri Acharyaru to bring all this wonderful gems out in the open for the world to read ?

    Dr Mukund had dedicated his earlier book “Decatrait” to Shri Acharyaru and here he goes one step further in bringing out a great literary piece of work about his Guru himself ! We should consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of this era and thank Shri Hari Vayu & Gurugalu for giving us these beacons of light that lead us to the shores, caught as we may be in choppy waters, and also pray upon them that May Their Tribe Increase !

  10. Suveer Nagendra says:

    First of all thank you very much for the wonderful book “Bannanje a Rishi revealed”. I bought a few copies of this book a few weeks back. My family are very much inspired by the book.
    I myself have been inspired by Sri Acharya’s paravachanas the last 5 years.


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