Guru Vaadiraaja
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Tara Prakashana is a not-for-profit trust committed to the preservation, education and publication of Vedic philosophy and heritage.
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Our Vision

To PRESERVE the treasure of knowledge passed on by ancient philosophers in a technologically advanced media and DISSEMINATE to the needy through channels most effective to the target audience.


To preserve and maintain rare or unpublished philosophical texts that currently exist on various media like palm leaves, scrolls etc. Preservation for long term includes high-resolution imaging, processing, restoring and enhancing existing works and storing in different digital formats & silicon wafers

To print and publish such works for the benefit of scholars in the field and general public.

To undertake or arrange for the translation of important philosophical works into several different languages, and make them accessible for large sections of society.

To publish books, periodicals, compact discs and make them available through print, electronic or internet media for dissemination of useful knowledge.


A Rishi Revealed “Bannanje – A Rishi Revealed” authored by Dr. P.R. Mukund. Contents of this book need contemplation beyond one’s lifetime. It’s not a biography that states milestones in a chronological order.It contains facts, people have unheard of.

Short Stories This is a collection five short stories about the incidents in Ramayana that happened to change the line of events in a strange manner. These powerful insights will amaze the reader and give a new perspective to this timeless epic.

Achaaryara Nudi Muttugalu 108 quotes of Shri Madhvacharya personally chosen by Shri Bannanje Govindacharya, translated to English by
Shri P. R. Mukund.